BCBS Contract Update – 10/18/16

Our BCBS contract is currently unresolved, with a contract termination date of 1/31/17.

In early October, BCBS issued a network contract termination extension of 1/31/17, as well as a clinic-level amendment that would extend current terms for Sartell Pediatrics through June 30, 2017. Please note that we have not signed this agreement as our intent is to maintain a network-level contract.

As a member of IHN, a network-level contract reinforces our shared desire for sustainable, affordable, and high quality care at the significant cost savings we’ve historically delivered. Sartell Pediatrics, among the other IHN clinics, are some of the most cost-effective providers in the region. This data was released by Minnesota Community Measurement in early October. To read the report, click here. We are also a Cost Level 2 for the State of Minnesota Advantage Health Plan, which speaks to the low total cost of care we’ve historically provided to state employees and local units of government participating in these plans.

As a clinic we are committed to providing the highest possible care we can, at fair rates. Unfortunately, with the current contract terms there are several services we perform whereby BCBS reimbursement is not covering our costs. For example, there are vaccines we administer in which the reimbursement from BCBS is not covering the cost of the injection. Unfortunately, a clinic-level extension of our existing contract terms does not address this issue.