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Behavioral Health Services


The best care

Navigating today’s world can be difficult for children and parents alike.  Kids oftentimes struggle as they work to define their identities, cope with changes, and adjust to the increasing demands of school, peers, and families.  Parents and couples need to be empowered to cope and grow from life’s challenges.  Our therapists listen closely to families, and will help tailor care for each individual situation. 


We can help navigate many of life’s obstacles:


  • Sudden drop in grades or interest in school or work

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors

  • Major appetite or sleep changes

  • Feeling sad, worried or fearful

  • Self-destructive behaviors

  • Trouble focusing


Leading services include individual therapy,

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, ADHD assessments, neuropsychological screenings, training and education.

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