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New Patients

Newborn new patients

Congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding journeys of your life! At Sartell Pediatrics, we are committed to helping you care for your child, keeping your baby happy and healthy.

Should you choose our practice for your baby, simply tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff upon delivering. The hospital will notify our office when your baby is born, and also assist you in scheduling your first appointment.

Please complete our Pediatric Registration prior to check-in. Completing these forms in advance will allow you to concentrate on your new baby during the appointment, rather than completing paperwork and reviewing policies.

Transferring care

If would like to transfer your child's primary medical care to Sartell Pediatrics please complete a Pediatric Registration prior to scheduling.  Completing this form online and in advance of your appointment will allow your child's previous clinic time to transfer your child's past medical history.

Call 320-281-3339 to schedule, or schedule online!

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