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Ear Piercing

What sets us apart

At Sartell Pediatrics, we use                                   sterilized Medical Grade Titanium piercing earrings, designed to avoid metal allergies and skin sensitivity. The piercing is placed using a preloaded, FDA-registered, hand pressured medical instrument.

The patient must be at least 6 months old and have three (3) DTaP vaccines to be eligible for ear piercing at Sartell Pediatrics. If you are not an established patient please be sure to bring record of your child's DTaP vaccinations.

A payment of $75 will be due at the time of check-in. This fee covers the cost of the procedure, the earrings, and cleaning solution.

Call our office to schedule! 320-281-3339


Will insurance cover the cost?

Ear piercing is considered a cosmetic procedure, therefore it is not

covered by insurance. A $75 fee is due at the time of the appointment.


Will both ears be pierced simultaneously?

Our staff makes every effort to schedule ear piercings with the intent

of piercing both ears at the same time, which requires two piercing

professionals. If for any reason we are not able to pierce both ears

simultaneously, you may choose to reschedule your appointment.

Is numbing cream used?


Does Sartell Pediatrics offer cartilage or facial piercings?

No. We offer first and second lobe piercings only.

How long do the piercing earrings need to stay in place?

The piercing earrings should stay in the patient's ears for at least 6 weeks.

How often should the piercings be cleaned?

Piercings should be cleaned twice daily for 6 weeks using the provided cleaning solution.

Does Sartell Pediatrics have replacement earrings?

Replacement earrings are sold as a set of two earrings and are available for $25.00. Please call our office to request replacements.

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